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  • Product description: Levitating Bluetooth Speakers Multi-color LED Portable Wireless
AMAZING LED VISUAL EFFECT - Most charming flashing effect make it like a Luminous Dreamlike Planet in Vast Universe. Have your music and your favorite color, too!
3D SURROUND SOUND - A special sound guide cone coupled with levitation offers distortion-free timbre. Loud enough for any occasion!
PAIRS EASILY WITH ALL BLUETOOTH DEVICES - Plays music through Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Pandora, Music Hub, etc. The Simple Hands-Free Calling feature means you can answer an incoming call at the push of a button.
SMALL, LIGHTWEIGH & PORTABLE - Carry it to the kitchen, garden, car, beach, boat, or pool and get a party started anywhere!
A PERFECT GIFT for "The Person Who Has Everything" - They won't be able to shut up about the fantastic gift you got them.
IFY Levitating Speakers allow you to sync with your favorite Bluetooth-enabled device for a seamless, cordless listening experience. Say goodbye to boring, bulky, boxy speakers!
- Worry-Free 1 Year Warranty
But without covering regular wear and tear from use and damage.
- Jaw-Dropping Sound
This cute little guy has superb volume levels for a rich stereo sound in crisp high definition.
- Easy to use
Levitation is as easy as 1-2-3. Your levitating orb will be sure to pique the interest of anyone nearby!
- Lightweigh & Portable
Standalone orb is small enough to let you experience your music anytime -- no matter where you are.
- Incredible Battery Life
500mAh enables a breakthrough of 8 hours playtime, get ready for hours of non-stop fun!
- Touch Controls
A easy-to-use & touch-sensitive control also accompanies the bluetooth speakers to tame the powerfully small beast with simply tap or swipe.
- For Anyone, Anywhere & Anytime
The perfect accessory that completes any decor at your home and office, always enjoy vivid, full-bodied music, wherever your music adventure takes you.
1. Make sure the base is turned on an placed on a flat surface.
2. Holding the orb in your hands, slowly lower it towards the center of the base.
3. When you feel the orb start to levitate -- let go! Voila!
4. To make the orb spin automatically, rotate the orb once manually to get it spinning in the desired direction.



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